Our co-founder and Director of Research Iroro Tanshi is one of three lucky winners of the prestigious Future for Nature Awards 2020, becoming the first African woman to win the prize. Iroro won this award for her tangible efforts towards the conservation of the range-restricted and endangered short-tailed roundleaf bat (Hipposideros curtus) in Nigeria. The award will allow our team to work with local people for the protection of the last known roost of the species, survey additional sites and train more bat conservationists in Nigeria and Cameroon. The award virtual event received lots of media coverage, raising much needed attention for the little known Short-tailed roundleaf bat. Watch a recording of the enchanting event here.

Previously unknown to occur in Nigeria, this cute bat with a "button" nose showed up in our harp traps at the foot of the spectacular Afi Mountains. Last recorded over 45 years ago, discovering this species in Nigeria was the highlight of the field survey! But sadly, its caves and forests are under threat. We are working with colleagues and partners to put an end to pull this species back from the brink of extinction! Follow our updates to learn about our conservation work on this species.

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We're super excited to finally get this off the ground. Are you interested in bats? are you interested in a conservation career? Head on over to the training tab and get on the path to becoming a trained bat ecologist!

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