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Bat from the Brink: Participatory action for the Endangered Short-tailed roundleaf bat
H. curtus_AMWS_IMG_1851_edited.jpg

In 2016, we discovered the only confirmed protected area roost of the Vulnerable Short-tailed Roundleaf-nosed bat Hipposideros curtus in Cross River National Park, Nigeria. Previously known roosts in Cameroon are either destroyed or of unknown statuses. Range restricted and occurring in naturally small populations, the species is threatened by cave disturbance (primarily from fruit bat hunting) and habitat destruction (from forest wildfires), driving it to the brink of extinction. To conserve the species, we're working with local communities, rangers, and park administrators to reduce the risk of wildfire outbreaks, cave disturbance and ensure long-term monitoring. We are also on a deep discovery drive for additional cave populations in Nigeria. We're grateful to the Future for Nature Award, Conservation Leadership Program, Rufford Foundation, Bat Conservation International, and two private donors, for advancing our cause to pull this rare bat back from the brink of extinction. The prestigious Whitley Fund for Nature Award to Iroro is expanding this program to multiple communities in the project area, increasing the impact.

Watch out for massive updates in the coming year.

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