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Support bats.

To save one of the world's rarest bats, our programs protect where bats eat, and sleep. Double your impact through these programs today.


Stop Wildfires

Our Forest Guardians work tirelessly during fire season to stop wildfires that originate on farms from expanding into critical bat habitat at Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. Protecting Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary from wildfires also comes with a bonus; saving pangolin, drill and gorilla habitat in southeastern Nigeria. Support a Forest Guardian with $100/month.

Juvenile curtus at cave entrance.JPG

Protect Caves

Without undisturbed caves to catch a snooze, find mates and raise young, Roundleaf bats don’t stand a chance. This bat pup, Shorty was in flight practice, shortly before the destruction of its maternity roost. Donate to protect the last three known caves of the species. Support a cave with $500/month.


Support Local Livelihoods

Our alternative protein project is growing. Help us expand our 1,000 capacity livestock farm from one community to five others around the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. Support a farm with $500/month.


Capacity Building

Our international fellowship program and partner network is raising capacity for the future of biodiversity in West Africa. Through virtual lectures, a field course, grants, and mentorship, we are inspiring students to bend the curve for biodiversity loss. Support a partner network meeting and student mentorship with $1000/month.

Copy of 771A1300.JPG

Future For Bats

Our school kids program supports science literacy among young children. Through multiple school events and teacher support across many communities around Afi Mountain and Cross River National Park, we are creating a future for bats. Support a school and teacher event with $1,000/month.

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