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Where do we work?

Okomu National Park is a protected area in the Nigerian Lowland Forest Ecoregion. Gazetted out of the Okomu Forest Reserve, this national park covers 200 sq. km (77 sq mi) and is managed by the Nigerian Federal Government through the Nigerian National parks service. It is home to many Endangered near-endemic species including the White Throated monkey, whose declining population and habitat gave the impetus for establishing Okomu National Park. The park is bordered by plantations (oil palm and rubber) as well as small-holder cocoa farms.  SMACON works in Okomu to protect important bat habitats.

Cross River National Park.jpg

Cross River National Park (CRNP) found in Cross River State, which is currently managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society consists of the Okwangwo and Oban divisions. The Okwango Division covers an area of 640km2 of mostly lowland and sub-montane closed-canopy forest and some savanna, and the Oban Division covers an area of around 3,000km² of lowland rainforest. The major occupation of the locals is agriculture, hunting, gathering forest products, and petty trading. SMACON works in the CRNP to protect forest habitats for endangered species, especially bats through participatory community actions. 

The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (AMWS), also in Cross River State, covers about 100km² of lowland and sub-montane forest with rocky peaks rising to 1,300m in height. This sanctuary is managed by the Cross River State Forestry Commission/Ministry of Climate Change and Forestry. SMACON is working with the local communities in the AMWS, which are mostly farmers, to conserve the forest.


Enugu/Imo/Abia collection of regenerating forest: These forest clusters found in the lowland rainforest region of Southeastern Nigeria are managed by State forestry commissions. The locals in this area mostly farm and collect forest products. In collaboration with local government partners, SMACON is also working in these places to restore important bat habitat.

Ososo-Igarra cluster: SMACON also works to protect bat habitat in the cluster of forest patches found in Edo State’s Guinea Savanna belt, located in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area, in which the locals are mostly farmers.

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