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Wildfire prevention.

Climate-change is increasing the frequency and intensity of wildfires across the globe, devastating local livelihoods and critical native habitat - often the last refuge for at-risk species. Wildfires can burn for three-four weeks when they reach the steep slopes of Afi Mountain Wildlife, Nigeria, causing population crashes. Wildfires originate on small-holder farms when farmers deploy brush burning as a traditional technique that aids soil conditioning and weed removal before the planting season. Poor farm fire management, in conjunction with climate-induced ultra dry conditions lead to wildfires that spread quickly from source farm to other farms and forest in the absence of overwhelming firefighting. We are tackling forest wildfires through a nearly-warning program that predicts fire risk based on year-round climate data, prevent outbreaks by supporting farmers to burn responsibly, and launched a 50-person fi re rangerforce (aka Forest Guardians) that mount a remote response against wildfires, decisively fireproofing one of Nigeria’s last remaining primary forest.

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